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Do you want real time data? Do you want to stop using multiple applications? Let us show you how.

Learn why more major producer's choose PigKnows than any other software.

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Your daily whiteboard on your computer or tv

No more filling out your daily whiteboard, it will update automatically as you upload data.

PK Connect

Fill out audits from your mobile device.

Whether you need to fill out a simple daily barn record, a slaughter plant audit, or internal audits within HR. PK Connect can do it all.

PK Feed

Request feed directly from your mobile device

The ability to request feed integrated within your PigKnows mobile application, no need to switch between apps.

  • CVFF
  • Smithfield - Online Swine Production Software - PigKnows
  • Prestage Foods - Online Swine Production Software - PigKnows
  • South West Vets
  • GCM - PigKNows - Online Swine Production
  • Norson - PigKNows - Online Swine Production Software
  • Solla - PigKnows - Online Swine Production Software

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