PigKnows - Online Swine Production Software

PigKnows is an online swine production software that takes the headache out of record-keeping. This frees up more time for hog farm managers, owners, and other key stakeholders to focus on what matters most to their business - maximizing efficiencies to improve profitability.

Detailed reports from PigKnows, which are available in any format, help identify opportunities in swine production and inform better business decisions. You can access PigKnows from any device making it easy to reference no matter your location. With no extra hardware, set up is simple and saves you valuable time and money.

To learn more about how PigKnows can improve your bottom line and inform business decisions, contact PigKnows.com at support@pigknows.com or + (970) 352-6466 (U.S.)
+ (52) 55-1204-1255 (Latin America).