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PigKnows is built to offer innovative solutions, easy to handle and navigate through an online database. Each report can be easily exported to any format (PDF,HTML,EXCEL)
Report Repository
Automatically receive in your email address any report needed. Decide time and day, Pigknows will do it for you.
Visualize your reports through a smartphone (blackberry, iphone, etc.)
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Key Features
No software installation, access from any browser.
Capture easy, dynamic, enter your information manually or import from Excel or text files.
Export your data to Excel, html, pdf, csv, txt.
Customize your reports easily.
Nursery, Finishing Section
Sales / Feed Section
information remains in segregated parity systems
Statistical Process Control Charting
Sow Herd charts by Genetics / Parity

Tel. 970-352-6466
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